Strapped for cash this weekend? : Eastbourne Extreme

July 15, 2010

Who says nothing good ever happens right on our doorstep?! Even better still, when does anything actually worth going to in the area end up being completely free of charge? Not often enough if we say so ourselves.

Well it just so happens that this weekend there is something for you to do. Something that won’t put a burden on the wallet and you could end up having a good time by the end of it.

Of course, what we’re talking about is the annual event, Eastbourne Extreme. If you can’t tell by the name, the event covers all quarters of Extreme sports, on land, sea & air.

You can expect the usual family crowds being drawn to the BMX, skateboards and kite surfing attractions.

But the real deal this year is likely to be, the Urban Shadows Parkour group, a team of local free-runners who will demonstrate their athleticism over various scaffolding and obstacles, expect these guys to be joined by a couple of other teams, including Danger of Death and InMotion.

Also at this year’s event, if you fancy having a go yourself, there will be plenty of “taster sessions” on offer where you can attempt to make the biggest idiot out of yourself possible.

We mean get inside an 8ft clear plastic ball and roll down a hill until you puke. Hey, I’m sure it will be fun… (Below is an example!)

Anyway, if all of the above isn’t for you, then there’s always the music over at the main stage on Saturday. Offering up the finalists of this year’s battle of the bands event that has taken place since May, if you pop down you can witness the best live acts that Eastbourne currently has to offer. SQ tip? Look out for Spaniel’s Ears, if you get a chance!

And, just for fun, the organisers are throwing in the usual circus acts of fire-breathers and stilt walkers amongst others. So should be a laugh.

The event takes place from 11am-7pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday. Did we mention it was free?

Let’s just hope it doesn’t bloody rain.

Mad skills will be on show. Get down there!


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