Want Electoral Reform? Whack May 5th 2011 in your diaries!

July 1, 2010

We all remember the election from the other month right? Remember the swarm of voters marching for electoral reform days after the vote took place? Well, the BBC has tonight declared that the Coalition government have given a date for the all important referendum on the highly controversial issue; May 5th 2011.

The whole electoral reform issue was one of the big policy areas of the 2010 GE, with it providing a huge talking point for the 3 leaders during those madly over-publicised TV debates. The Liberal Democrats wanted to change the way our democratic system works. The other two parties weren’t quite as bothered.

And following the love-in between the Tories and the ‘Dems, it seems to SQ that the naming of the date alone may suit the Tory agenda a little more than that of the Liberals.

Let’s face it, next May is a long time away! It’s gonna be a whole year after the debates and the elections took place. Most of us struggle to remember what happened last week in today’s flash-in-the-pan consumerist culture. Let alone in the previous 12 months. How many average voters are actually going to still care about the issue in 10 months time? It’ll be out of fashion to care by then.

In fact a quick brush through the recent newspapers and you’ll struggle to see anything about it. This is only 2 months after the debate about it was so heated!

If you still have a vague recollection of being passionate about undoing the “unfair” way in which our current voting system operates, it’s best you make a note of the referendum date.

The chances are give it until next May and the only vote you’re going to care about is the Britain’s Got Talent one.

We don't remember the voting booth being so poorly lit...


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