Don’t call it a comeback…

June 30, 2010

What’s been happening people? We haven’t been around for a while! Excuse our absence, but a hefty exam season and heavy addiction to the 2010 World Cup have kept us off the blogging scene! Fear not though, we’ve been hard at work too…

SQ have been making big steps to ensuring the upcoming issue hitting East Sussex this July is going to be nothing short of a banger! Thought the design was looking a bit tired? So did we. Expect a major revamp! We’ve also carried out big interviews with a usual mix of the hottest talents both locally & nationally. In addition, we’re stepping it up a gear increasing our page numbers from 32 to 36. Expansion is a good look.

Been wondering what’s happened to our site lately too? Don’t worry, we’re on it! Our site designer has been tirelessly putting in the hours to ensure SQ has not just the best magazine in East Sussex, but the best site too. Premium content providers? We aim to be.

Anyway, just continue to keep your eyes on the blog for the time-being, we’re gonna be getting back to posting one a day! Consistent content is coming.

Keep the faith! x

Getting into shape for the Summer? Call it what you will. It's coming, and it's big!


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