Arjun the Apprentice.

June 10, 2010

So 6 weeks of quite frankly sickkkkkkk television is over. Nahhhh we’re not talking about Luther…although that was sick too. Infact, SQ has been all over the Junior Apprentice the past few weeks, and we can’t help but vent our opinion on Thursday night’s water filled final.

First of all, there’s no doubting her overall ability, but gheeezus…didn’t Zoe ‘s constantly rolling eyes get on everyone’s nerves just a little too much? And didn’t Tim’s beard just look a little too twattish? Kirsty just a little too short? On the balance of materialistic aesthetics (Who cares about anything else?)…Arjun won hands down.

What also needs to be asked is didn’t everyone else feel like they could do far, far, far better than most of the clowns that took part? The constant flood of cock-ups coming from the contestants even make the least confident of us feel capable.

Maybe next year we can all apply?

Apologies Arjun, Sugar still takes centre stage.


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