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Here, now.

BIG UPS: Ross Barrett

August 24, 2010

Adding to the wealth of talent already helping us out at SQ, Ross Barrett provides much needed killer insight into the latest in the Rock, Alternative and Metal music scenes.

In this latest issue he supplied us with a cracking review of Trash Talk’s latest record, rating it a 5 star and insisting we gave it our “Cop This” seal of approval. He doesn’t mess about.

As well as this, being an experienced festival go-er, Ron has kindly let us into his biggest do’s and dont’s at this year’s Reading festival… You would be mad not to take a look!

Ron's Hencher than all of these goons.

BIG UPS: Greg Dreyfus

August 21, 2010

Next on the contributor list is Brighton based blogger, Greg Dreyfus. In Issue #3, Greg has supplied us with a hugely insightful interview with one of Brighton’s biggest kept secrets, the Cassette Lord.

“Half-French Half-Dominican, Brighton based – Activist seeking truth & helping the world to wake up!”

One thing that Greg has helped prove is that real local stories are in abundance, and that they’re not all bad press! This latest issue describes the tale of Martin Middleton AKA “Cassette Lord”, a successful graffiti artist based on the South Coast, doing good in his local community by helping out in the Young Offenders Artscape scheme, which he set up.

If you haven’t already checked out the feature, we recommend you do now and question Greg over anything that appeals to you over at his twitter account, an extra follower wouldn’t go amiss too I’m sure…

Pick up a copy now from almost anywhere in E Sussex or wait until next week to read online!

Have you seen one of these before?!

BIG UPS: Tom Mac

August 17, 2010

Ok, so the magazine has officially been released for just over 48 hours and already we’ve been receiving great feedback from all who have seen it!

In particular we’ve been getting rave reviews from our new design aesthetics and one person who we have to thank for playing their part in this is Tom Mac, a madly talented illustrator who’s now beginning to emerge as one of East Sussex’s leading digital artists.

We first picked up on Tom when we stumbled across his facebook group one night, and to say we were impressed at the time is an understatement. It didn’t take long until we had our first commission underway, of which you can now find the end result on the front of the latest issue.

Pick up a copy now from almost anywhere in E Sussex or wait until next week to read online!


On the 4th October Tinie Tempah will release his highly-anticipated debut album, Disc-Overy.

It will be preceeded on September 27th with the release of Tinie’s 3rd single Written In The Stars – Check out the epic video on the website homepage now.

Recorded over the last 11 months in North London, South London and Sweden, the album is a highly accomplished piece of work featuring an array of production that encompasses gritty grime, tempo-shifting drum and bass, and dark and brooding pop.

Already renowned for his daring musical choices, Pass Out is the single that not only put Tinie on the map, but also altered the path of UK urban music in 2010. Disc-Overy continues this adventurous attitude. “If you’ve heard Pass Out and Frisky and think you know what to expect, you’re wrong,” Tinie points out of the assorted array of production.

The diverse and imaginative album features collaborations with Ellie Goulding, Kelly Rowland and Emile Sande with production from Labrinth (Pass Out, Frisky), newcomer Ishi, Al Shux (Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind) and Naughty Boy (Chipmunk, Wiley), as well as renowned dance producers Swedish House Mafia.

In addition to highlighting the finer things in life that success can offer, Tinie details the lows of fame and fortune, as well as offering a candid insight into his childhood growing up in South London.

“On every single song you’ll get a line that reveals what life was like for me. I recorded a lot of it after Pass Out went to No.1, so that gave me a chance to reflect on life before and after achieving success,” says Tinie. “Going to No.1 gave me a chance to consider how far I’ve come, but also how far I intend to go.”

Album tracklisting as follows:
Simply Unstoppable
Pass Out
Just A Little (featuring Range)
Written In The Stars (featuring Eric Turner)
Frisky (featuring Labrinth)
Miami 2 Ibiza – Swedish House Mafia vs Tinie Tempah
Invincible (featuring Kelly Rowland)
Wonderman (featuring Ellie Goulding)
Let Go (featuring Emeli Sande)

We look forward to what the future brings for Tinie Tempah…

Cast your minds back a fair way to Spring this year when we featured East Sussex’s hottest photography talent, Luke Woodford. He told us back then…

“I have a couple of things I can’t reveal, something very exciting that even my own mother doesn’t know, you will have to keep your eyes peeled around the summer time!”

Well, Summer has come and so has Luke’s big project he’s been working incredibly hard on to perfect, even mulling over the name of it for the best part of a week.

We think the work he has produced here is up there with some of his best work to date. Even including the outstanding Hellingly Mental Asylum shoot and of course Big Dave.

Anyway, enough talking, here’s the first two images he’s updated his flickr with…

Who says nothing good ever happens right on our doorstep?! Even better still, when does anything actually worth going to in the area end up being completely free of charge? Not often enough if we say so ourselves.

Well it just so happens that this weekend there is something for you to do. Something that won’t put a burden on the wallet and you could end up having a good time by the end of it.

Of course, what we’re talking about is the annual event, Eastbourne Extreme. If you can’t tell by the name, the event covers all quarters of Extreme sports, on land, sea & air.

You can expect the usual family crowds being drawn to the BMX, skateboards and kite surfing attractions.

But the real deal this year is likely to be, the Urban Shadows Parkour group, a team of local free-runners who will demonstrate their athleticism over various scaffolding and obstacles, expect these guys to be joined by a couple of other teams, including Danger of Death and InMotion.

Also at this year’s event, if you fancy having a go yourself, there will be plenty of “taster sessions” on offer where you can attempt to make the biggest idiot out of yourself possible.

We mean get inside an 8ft clear plastic ball and roll down a hill until you puke. Hey, I’m sure it will be fun… (Below is an example!)

Anyway, if all of the above isn’t for you, then there’s always the music over at the main stage on Saturday. Offering up the finalists of this year’s battle of the bands event that has taken place since May, if you pop down you can witness the best live acts that Eastbourne currently has to offer. SQ tip? Look out for Spaniel’s Ears, if you get a chance!

And, just for fun, the organisers are throwing in the usual circus acts of fire-breathers and stilt walkers amongst others. So should be a laugh.

The event takes place from 11am-7pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday. Did we mention it was free?

Let’s just hope it doesn’t bloody rain.

Mad skills will be on show. Get down there!

We all remember the election from the other month right? Remember the swarm of voters marching for electoral reform days after the vote took place? Well, the BBC has tonight declared that the Coalition government have given a date for the all important referendum on the highly controversial issue; May 5th 2011.

The whole electoral reform issue was one of the big policy areas of the 2010 GE, with it providing a huge talking point for the 3 leaders during those madly over-publicised TV debates. The Liberal Democrats wanted to change the way our democratic system works. The other two parties weren’t quite as bothered.

And following the love-in between the Tories and the ‘Dems, it seems to SQ that the naming of the date alone may suit the Tory agenda a little more than that of the Liberals.

Let’s face it, next May is a long time away! It’s gonna be a whole year after the debates and the elections took place. Most of us struggle to remember what happened last week in today’s flash-in-the-pan consumerist culture. Let alone in the previous 12 months. How many average voters are actually going to still care about the issue in 10 months time? It’ll be out of fashion to care by then.

In fact a quick brush through the recent newspapers and you’ll struggle to see anything about it. This is only 2 months after the debate about it was so heated!

If you still have a vague recollection of being passionate about undoing the “unfair” way in which our current voting system operates, it’s best you make a note of the referendum date.

The chances are give it until next May and the only vote you’re going to care about is the Britain’s Got Talent one.

We don't remember the voting booth being so poorly lit...

What’s been happening people? We haven’t been around for a while! Excuse our absence, but a hefty exam season and heavy addiction to the 2010 World Cup have kept us off the blogging scene! Fear not though, we’ve been hard at work too…

SQ have been making big steps to ensuring the upcoming issue hitting East Sussex this July is going to be nothing short of a banger! Thought the design was looking a bit tired? So did we. Expect a major revamp! We’ve also carried out big interviews with a usual mix of the hottest talents both locally & nationally. In addition, we’re stepping it up a gear increasing our page numbers from 32 to 36. Expansion is a good look.

Been wondering what’s happened to our site lately too? Don’t worry, we’re on it! Our site designer has been tirelessly putting in the hours to ensure SQ has not just the best magazine in East Sussex, but the best site too. Premium content providers? We aim to be.

Anyway, just continue to keep your eyes on the blog for the time-being, we’re gonna be getting back to posting one a day! Consistent content is coming.

Keep the faith! x

Getting into shape for the Summer? Call it what you will. It's coming, and it's big!

Arjun the Apprentice.

June 10, 2010

So 6 weeks of quite frankly sickkkkkkk television is over. Nahhhh we’re not talking about Luther…although that was sick too. Infact, SQ has been all over the Junior Apprentice the past few weeks, and we can’t help but vent our opinion on Thursday night’s water filled final.

First of all, there’s no doubting her overall ability, but gheeezus…didn’t Zoe ‘s constantly rolling eyes get on everyone’s nerves just a little too much? And didn’t Tim’s beard just look a little too twattish? Kirsty just a little too short? On the balance of materialistic aesthetics (Who cares about anything else?)…Arjun won hands down.

What also needs to be asked is didn’t everyone else feel like they could do far, far, far better than most of the clowns that took part? The constant flood of cock-ups coming from the contestants even make the least confident of us feel capable.

Maybe next year we can all apply?

Apologies Arjun, Sugar still takes centre stage.